Kewl Site Alert: The Phineas and Ferb Wiki (w00t!)

Phineas and Ferb playing ball
Credit: Phineas and Ferb wiki
Today is the Dude's last day of school and I will fess up: I've been humming "104 days of su-mmer va-ca-tion" all week. I specifically went looking for a Phineas and Ferb clip to post and stumbled on something waaaay better: The Phineas and Ferb wiki!

There are 1,700+ articles, tons of images, episode spoilers summaries and all sorts of fun content deconstructing the show. You can pick your faves and register to watch the pages, or if you don't want to keep checking the site for updates, you can follow the wiki on Twitter: @PnF_Wiki. The feed posts new pages and retweets Phineas and Ferb content, including tweets from show producers and cast members.

Personally, my favourite page on the wiki is the Actors page. I'm not naive, I know that Disney has pull and can get lots of talent on its shows, but I honestly had no idea that Ben Stiller, Anna Paquin and Tim Curry were on the show!

[Aside: Oh, sure, it's probably a Disney ploy to get fans to build a website about the show and distract you with shiny content in order to entice you to visit Disney theme parks and buy more stuff. Buuuut... it's fun! (Shiny thing! Shiny thing!)]

Enjoy and happy first day of summer vacation! Now sing along...

(Source: The Magic Interwebs)

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