Solving the World's Worst Email Etiquette Problem: Reply All

Ok, so I was a bit ranty on the Twitters last week. And on the blog. And on Google Chat, as well. And I promised that I would be better this week but it's Wednesday and someone is wrong on the Internet. So here I am.

You see, I'm tired. I'm tired of email and all the bad etiquette that goes with it. I'm tired of the biggest email-related problem, the one that gets people in trouble, the one that ticks you off, the one that makes you wonder how that person still has a job... the function that should forever and ever be disabled on all email systems everywhere forever:
Do a Google Search for "email reply all etiquette" and you know how many results you get? 50 Million results. 50 MILLION. Because apparently Reply All-ititis strikes in all workplaces.

Well, geeks, I have a solution to propose. An end to all the flippant, emotional reply alls that happen around the world each and every day.

I hereby propose:
Feeling the heat of the moment? Going to blast an email off to the entire company about the new TPS report regulation that the boss' executive assistant just sent out to everyone? Oh, yeah, click that Reply All button. Feels good, eh? Doh! CAPTCHA.
Credit: Simfatic

Sorry, please retry.
Sorry, please retry.
Sorry, please retry.
Dammit. Delete email and get back to work.

I'm telling you, using the world's most hated technology to prevent unnecessary Reply All is the only way we will be able to stop the problem from spreading. What do you think? Can we make it happen?

[FYI: It looks like I'm not alone in thinking this is a good idea. If you do a Google Search for "reply all captcha" you get 41 Million results. Ha! Not so crazy after all...]

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