Geek Pr0n: Watching the Space Invaders Game Take Shape From Scratch

Sometimes, it's fun to sit back and watch something take shape from nothing. Case in point, this video of YouTube user Irrationalistic coding a version of Space Invaders from scratch for a school project. It all starts with an empty notepad and PhotoShop, and from there you can see the entire game start to form.

If you're not a developer, there's something very behind-the-curtain about watching the process: the combination of graphics and hundreds of lines of code so that you can avoid the pile of work on your desk enjoy a few hours of fun.

The video is 4 minutes and it gets a little slow in the middle, but if you watch the first minute then jump ahead a few times, you'll get the idea. I promise, it's worth it if you've never had a chance to watch a developer code; it will give you an entirely new appreciation for the work behind every piece of software, app or interface you touch from now on.

(Source: Neatorama)

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