Happy Embrace Your Geekiness Day! (July 13)

As the rest of the world moans today's date (aka Friday the 13th), you my geeky little friend need to raise your (eye-glassed) head, puff out your (asthmatic) chest, don your best (mathematical) t-shirt and revel in the geeky awesomeness that is YOU.

Because today is your day.

It's a day to:
  • watch every Star Wars movie (from the original trilogy), 
  • drink your Kopi Luwack from your caffeine molecule mug, 
  • use rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock to settle all debates, 
  • proclaim in every useless meeting that Schroedinger's cat is dead,
  • explain the significance of the Higgs Boson discovery to the normals,
  • integrate your favourite movie quotes into every day conversation, 
  • spend your day interfacing with the Internets instead of humanz,
  • level up on your favourite MMORPG,
  • mod something,
  • verify how many things you've done on the Geek "Things You Must Do Before You Die" checklist, 
  • do at least one more.
But under no circumstances will you agree to fix your family members' computers.

Celebrate, my geeks. Embrace that geekiness.


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