Kewl Design Alert: Gorgeous Star Wars-Themed Gaming Keyboard

So if you are a gamer, you probably don't play Star Wars The Old Republic. Because, it would seem, SWTOR players have been dropping like flies. Enough that there are rumours the game will become free-play, with options to buy perks and the like from within. Good luck with that (granted, it worked for Farmville).

However, if you are a real gamer and are looking to buy yourself a purdy little gaming keyboard, you might want to take a look at the SWTOR-themed beauty up on ThinkGeek. It boasts a low profile (think Mac keyboard) and a built-in LCD panel that can be used to play or display elements of your game:
Ten dynamic adaptive tactile keys allow you to customize all your skills, macros, and hotkeys for faster accessibility. The multi-touch full-color LCD track-panel can be set to either respond to direct gesture input or display interactive information for an exciting new way to experience the game. (Or you can put your IMs on it so you don't have to tab out to chat!)
It's super responsive, customizable (even the colours are changeable) and expensive. Sadly, no mention if it makes "pew pew" noises. Or "beep boops" a la R2D2. Guess it can't be perfect...

But did I mention it's geeeorgeeeous? Because it is. In fact, if a keyboard could be considered sexy, I think this one might just fit the bill. What do you think? If you're a hardcore gamer, would this be your next keyboard? If you're not, would you ever consider dropping $260 on a customizable one? (Come on, you designers and developers, I'm looking at you...)

Photos via ThinkGeek
(Source: NerdApproved)

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