Kewl Design Alert: Lego MindStorms 3D Milling Machine is A-MA-ZING

The stuff you geeks build with Lego MindStorms (aka Lego Robotics) amazes me. This 3D milling machine is no different.

Aurthur Sacek, the builder, inserts a piece of floral foam, programs the machine to cut out a profile and off it goes. Seems simple enough. Now, I implore you to watch the whole thing because it might not seem like it's doing much but when you see the final product, HOLY COW!!!!

Again, can I stress that this machine is made out of Lego? Amazing. Kudos to you, Mr. Sacek! (who incidentally claims to be a beginner programmer, according to this NXT Step article)

That's probably the thing I love most about MindStorms: you can be of any age and any skill level to do such amazing things with it. Take a look...


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