Kewl Design Alert: This Never-Before-Seen Prius is Killer

Now, I love me some green design (hence the entire green section on this blog) and anything that will get people to reduce their carbon footprint (without being greenwashed) is a winner in my books.

Which is why I am really excited by the new Prius: it will reduce the driver's overall carbon footprint to ZERO!

As the Onion reports:
Toyota's new Prius Solution reduces its driver's carbon footprint to zero by impaling them through the lungs with spikes as soon as they get in the car.

Dawg, I love the Onion.

You absolutely must watch the faux news report below (& make sure you watch to the end — could he be more excited?). The Onion's production quality is supreme, and who knows how they can keep a straight face throughout the whole thing? Too. Much. Fun.


(Source: The Awesomer)

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