RoboCup: Autonomous Robot Soccer, Now With Bloopers!

If you've ever watched robots do anything and found them mesmerizing (and who hasn't watched their Roomba, holding their breath to see if it would misjudge the stairs this time?)... if that's you, then you would love RoboCup.

According to the official RoboCup website,
RoboCup is an international scientific initiative with the goal to advance the state of the art of intelligent robots. When established in 1997, the original mission was to field a team of robots capable of winning against the human soccer World Cup champions by 2050.
Frickin' robots playing soccer and beating humans by 2050! What a mission :)

They've since expanded their goals to also include emergency rescue, domestic use and junior components. But let's face it, watching autonomous robots play soccer is all kinds of kewl. I love seeing them trudge around the little soccer field as they figure out their next move. Their motions seem to be a combination of fluid and hesitant all at once. Which brings us to the video...

RoboCup Blooper Reel

Below is a series of clips from the 2010 and 2011 RoboCups. Yeah, it's mostly intelligent robots falling down, but it's still funny. Enjoy!

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