Sitting is Killing You (But not me, our elevator is out)

We all know that sitting is bad for us. No matter how many articles we read or news reports we watch (usually while sitting ;) we still spend most of our days sitting. And we have trouble breaking that habit. It's like our physical equivalent of crack cocaine.

Consider: I work on the 5th floor of a nice old building in downtown Ottawa. It's called Hope. As I like to say, "We HOPE the elevator works."

It's usually not that bad, but the past two weeks, the elevator has been regularly out of service. That means in this level-2-drought-causing-heat-wave, I've been getting to work and hiking up 5 flights of stairs. And every time I have a meeting (which is almost always in our other building), I get to hike down and back up those 5 flights of stairs.

Thankfully, my cardio is pretty good so it's more of a mental challenge than anything else. And each time I go up, I wonder if I should get in the habit of doing it regularly. But the minute the sign is off the elevator, I jump in. Thursday, though, I was actually relieved that I didn't have to make the decision and was forced to take the stairs as the elevator was out once again.

After finding this infographic on Geeks Are Sexy (yes we are), I am even more motivated to find ways to incorporate more movement into my day. How about you?

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(Source: Geeks Are Sexy)

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