YouTube Views: The Significance of 301 (video)

Did you ever notice YouTube videos with their views stuck at 301? Yeah, me neither. But apparently it's a thing. A very interesting thing, in fact: it's a mechanism to enable YouTube to verify the validity of the views if a video starts spiking.

Makes a lot of sense considering the YouTube's revenue model is based on advertising: in order to protect their interest and that of the advertisers, they need to ensure that videos are not being uploaded with the intent of gaming the system. Their reputation would tank if they allowed users to post videos, pretend to view them, and then rake in ad money. So they have this system, based on 301 views... I'll let the YouTubers tell you the rest.

And then you can feel better about your ads (or your revenue stream) being protected. By math. Oh, yeah. (Geeks, FTW)

(Source: The Awesomer via Hubby)

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