10 Geeky Items for Back to School

Back to school isn't a shopping spree at our house. Other than school supplies, I usually wait until the weather really changes before we go buy new clothes. I mean, The Dude's going to be wearing the same t-shirts, hoodies and shorts to school until the weather cools. And all he needs beyond that, really, is jeans. I find it incredibly difficult to get him into long sleeved t's because they seem to heat his school to insane temperatures, so he'd rather layer than sweat in class.

Buuuu-uuuut, it is a perfect time to gear up on geek supplies. And I've compiled a list of my top ten fave geeky items from 2012, which would make perfect gifts for your scholar:
Looking for other ideas? Check out The Geek Chic (in Canada) or ThinkGeek (in the US).

Mini Pivot Power BarStar Wars Gaming Keyboard  

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