Amazing, Stylish Invisible Bike Helmet Could Save Your Life

Ottawa is a cycling town, but with the bike lanes, paths and general acceptance of having to share the road comes the constant risk of tragedy. We lose cyclists each year to traffic accidents. It's as unavoidable as losing drivers to car crashes. Or is it?
Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project. Something no one had done before. If they could swing it, it would for sure be revolutionary. The bicycle is a tool to change the world. If we use bikes AND travel safe: Life will be better for all. (From the video description)
Their invisible bike helmet is quite simply a hidden airbag that inflates as you start to go down and wraps around your entire head, forehead, chin and neck. Sure it might be a little claustrophobic in there but given the alternative, I think it's an option worth pursuing if you've been eschewing bike helmets outright.

Personally, I won't get on my bike without a brain bucket and I absolutely love the design of this one. Even more impressive, the designers included a black box that records the 10 seconds around the accident. If deployed, they request that owners send the box back to them so that they can analyse the data and improve their product.

The Invisible Helmet is said to retail for around $450 and come in a variety of colours. Pretty steep considering it can only be used once, but not that expensive if you consider it as an insurance policy that could protect you way better than a standard helmet ever could, should you be in the unfortunate position of needing it.

You can check it out in action below or check out the conversation about it on the Twitters via #InvsHelmet. Would you wear it?

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(Source: MentalFloss)

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