Friday Fun: Chocolate Printer Could Make TPS Reports So Much Better

Vacation Fun Day 5: So it's the summer which means that you are either on vacation, just back from vacation or counting down towards vacation. In the spirit of my vacation this week, all of this week's posts are going to focus on office supplies and time wasters to help you while away the hours.

[Disclaimer: This site does not endorse complacency and loafing in the workplace. This site will not be help responsible for any revenue or productivity lost as a result of informing you of these lovely, addicting distractions.]

It would appear that you can now purchase possibly the best creation ever know to chocolate-loving man: a 3-D chocolate printer. Let me repeat that for you: A printer that prints chocolate. In any shape your little heart desires. Now given that this week's posts have all been about office time wasters and ways to pass the time when everyone else is on vacation... I think you can see where I am headed with this:

How awesome would it be to print out that slide deck in chocolate? You know the one that had you up until all hours and for which your superior is going to get all the credit, while you get ignored in the background? No one will really care about the content when they check out the contents of your deck. Or how about a chocolate USB key for that annoying colleague who is constantly asking you to do their work for them? "Of course I have those files, let me put them on a stick for you..."

Oh sure, you might argue that this is a printer destined for commercial kitchens across the globe. I know, I know, there is zero likelihood that you will ever see one of these in your office but don't you think it would be fun to imagine what you might concoct if purchasing ever did show up with one? I like to think of it as the most tasty of all the office supplies. The one that prints out edible paperclips, scrumptious slide decks, and those damned TPS reports in white and dark chocolate... I could go on...

See it in action: (BTW do you think they could say "chocolate" any more? #nomnomnom)

(Source: That's Nerdalicious

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