Geek Zodiac Is Nerdtastic And Surprisingly Accurate

It was bound to happen. In fact, it did happen a couple of years back. Someone compiled a Geek Zodiac. And it's just as awesome as you would expect it to be.

With signs ranging from Treasure Hunter to Robot to Pirate, the Geek Zodiac has everyone covered back to 1895 so you can even tell your great grandparents their Geek sign. (Cause that'll make an impression)

What am I? What are you?

Turns out that the Geek Zodiac is pretty impressive in its ability to identify individuals, if I do say so myself. The characteristics aligning with each sign are so-so accurate for our little brood (hubby is a Ninja, and the Dude is a Time-Traveler).

And just so you know:
My sign is Superhero.
Spydergrrl = superhero.
How perfect is that?

Take a look, find your year of birth and find your sign. A great conversation starter, you can buy poster versions to put up in your office. In fact, this might be a much better geek-to-geek pick up line than the real what's your sign, no? #nerdAlert (K, maybe not)

Credit: Geekologie

(Source: Geekologie via Neatorama)

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