LEGO Olympic Re-enactments Help TV Outlets Skirt IOC Broadcast Restrictions

With all the uproar surrounding NBC's delayed broadcasts of the Olympics, TV spectators have become only too familiar with the restrictions the IOC places on cable outlets for event footage. It would seem that even applies to clips and replays: news outlets are only permitted to broadcast stills of events, no recorded footage (unless they are the official broadcaster).

So, media outlets have become inventive and turned to Lego.

LEGO! *geekgasm*

The Guardian has an entire Lego replay section on its website entitled Brick-by-Brick which contains videos of "the best moments of the global sport event taking place in the UK from 27 July to 12 August 2012" [Ha! They don't even refer to it as the Olympics!!]

For example, check out this fantastic recreation of Usain Bolt's mind-blowing 100m win:

Australian ABC's morning program decided to do a live Lego re-enactment of a hurdle race on their show, which I found to be tons of fun. I especially like the fact that they pointed out Darth Vader sitting in the stands and turned it into a joke about security at the Games. These are almost as much fun as watching the Games themselves! :)

(Source: Huffington Post via @FrancisMoran)

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