Mars Curiosity: Live Tweeting Its Exploration

Since Monday was a holiday, I spent the day with hubby and the Dude, spelunking and sitting on a beach. Which means that I was nowhere near the Interwebs keeping tabs on Mars Curiosity as it parachuted down and started exploring the red planet.

I have to admit that I completely loved coming back and watching this stop-motion video made from photos taken by Curiosity as it recorded its own landing onto the Mars surface.

It gives me a thrill to think that we are capable of building machines that travel so far from home and send info back so that we can experience how tiny we all are. (Another example is the Voyager Probe - great story!)

But honestly, this exploration is going to take some time and how exactly does one go about keeping tabs on Curiosity, short of adding yet another RSS feed to one's Google Reader or staying glued to Nasa TV?

Via the Twitter, of course!

Those smarty pants over at Nasa set up @marscuriosity which tweets updates and best of all, high res pics of the little rover's progress all alone out there in space. You'll quickly note that Rover's got a bit of a cheeky personality:
Accompanying photo:

Credit: @MarsCuriosity on Twitter
How much fun is that? Mars, straight into your Twitter feed. I. AM. HOOKED. #fangirl

(Source: @RickBakas)

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