Sight: The Creepy Dark Side of Augmented Reality (video)

You know when you watch a movie like Minority Report, Total Recall or Vanilla Sky and you wonder what it would be like if you had access to that weird technology that would augment reality beyond just randomly Googling stuff on the fly? How would it change the way that you interact with your surroundings? What if you could get sidebar information about someone you're chatting with or even just about to meet? Is that creepy or kewl? Would you ever fail a job interview or date ever again?

[Aside: For the record, this is all creepy. Or at least, it feels creepy because it's new and seems invasive. But in 50 years it will most likely be as normal as carrying a phone is today, vs. 50 years ago when THAT seemed weird and sci-fi-like.]

All of this thinking is inspired by a video that Hubby came across on The Awesomer, which I just had to share. According to the description:
At what point does technology that’s meant to enhance our lives start worsening it? A short film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, Sight is a pessimistic take on our dependence on technology.
And it's as insane as it is disturbing.

Think of this as the potential dark side of Google Glasses. It's crazy to watch the characters interact with the virtual world while participating in the real one. The most depressing part for me, though, was the one with the guy sitting and staring at the blank wall. It's every creepy futuristic movie all rolled into a single 5 second scene.

Take a look and make sure to watch till the end. That's the worst best part of it all. Then consider, is this something you are looking forward to? (you sicko) Or dreading? (yeah, I'm in this camp... for now)

(Source: The Awesomer via Hubby)

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