The Lego Story: Short Film Recounts The Origins of Our Favourite Toy (video)

I came across a tweet the other day that intrigued me for 2 reasons:
First, I bookmarked it because of the obvious: it's about Lego (and if you haven't noticed, that's a bit of an obsession around here).

Second, I wondered why @GDGeek felt the need to watch this later.

It turns out that this the video, developed by Lego in honour of their 80th birthday, explains the company's entire backstory and how theirs became the world's favourite toy. It's a Pixar-style movie narrated in a tone that is completely geared to kids. In fact, it feels like one of those short animated movies hidden on Pixar DVDs.

Which is a good thing because it's 17 minutes long.

But wow, who knew this amazing story?
  • The Lego factory used to produce wooden toys
  • It burned down twice
  • They built an airport in order to ship worldwide
  • The family behind Lego still make a point of greeting visitors at LegoLand 
  • and of course, there's more.
Take a look and enjoy! I'll just go over here and build something while you watch :)

[Aside: If you already saw this, I apologize. To be honest, when I saw this video go by last weekend I figured that it would go completely viral and I would be too late to post it with any relevance. Buuut we're over hump day and it seems safe to say that despite the coverage, the view count is still pretty low. Safe enough that many of you may not have seen it yet. So, here you go.]

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