London Paralympic Games Video Streaming Tech is Impressive, Interactive

Today the real superhumans start competing in the Paralympic Games. It's a moving, awe-inspiring event and it's available online, for free! Not only that, but they are using brand new tech to integrate the event streaming with interactive functionality and live results, using an app called Atos SMART Player.
The SMART player uses innovative technology that will enable those watching live swimming and wheelchair basketball on to view real-time results tickers, statistics, biographies, news and social media - all in one integrated and synchronized window. It also simplifies the user’s interests and gives specific and relevant results per sport, similar to the ones available to commentators inside the venues.
Now, that, I love. They even claim that there won't be buffering on the videos. Not all the events will be live-streamed, but video will be made available on the site "within seconds of the events finishing". Pretty close to real-time. Definitely better than #NBCFail, n'est-ce pas?

Personally, I'm looking forward to checking in and seeing some cycling and maybe even wheelchair fencing. Check out the video below for a preview (and remark, if you will, the one-armed, single-legged cyclist — wow!).

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