A Purse That Charges Your Phone (aka Best Kickstarter Ever?)

Ok, let's get the obvious out of the way. I am an Android fangirl which means that I have a huge phone, with a gorgeous LED screen, tons of apps, 4G, and I use nearly 6gb of data a month on it. But, it's got a 6 hour battery on standby and a 2 hour battery for continuous use. The only thing that sucks about Androids is the battery life.

Yeah, I said only. Need I remind you that apart from the battery, fanboys, your beloved iPhone 5 barely caught up to my Samsung Galaxy S II X from last December.


Trash talking aside, I am always on the hunt for more juice for my phone. When I have my tablet with me, I can recharge by plugging the USB charge cord into the keyboard. At work, my phone lives plugged in just in case I need to bring it into a meeting to tether my tablet. An outlet is to an Android user like water to a person stranded in the desert. We live in fear of the need to recharge. (A bit fatalistic, but mostly true. It's the Android user's biggest pet peeve. Well, that and Apple fanboys ;)

Ahem. (again)

Everpurse options
So along comes this lovely little Kickstarter for Everpurse. You know those charging mats you can just throw your phone on? You might have one lying on your counter right now. Well, picture a purse you deposit on a charge pad and when you're on the go, it (aka the purse) recharges your phone! Problem solved!

[Ok, you're thinking to yourself: but I don't have two X chromosomes. I don't carry a purse. No worries, they have manly versions too.]

Amazing, right? Pretty close. For now, it's only for iThings. Android to come very soon. And it's a bit pricey: starting at $99, I do wonder whether it might be cheaper to buy a spare battery. Although you'd think I would have done that by now, almost a year after buying my phone...

What do you think? Since the Android version isn't available yet, I'm not sure about wanting to fund the Kickstarter, but with 26 days to go (and already having reached their goal a week after starting) we can be pretty sure these will go into production (delivery is slated for March). Pretty kewl design though. Love the concept.  I might just have to reconsider...

Check out the great first-time reactions to the product below.

(Source: Swissmiss)

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