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Johhny T, @TheDaddyYoDude
One of the best things about social media is that the community tends to rally to protect one of its own. When someone gets bullied, slighted, sick, there is usually a contingent of people who seem to surface to provide support.

Case in point, bloggers and cancer.

I once wrote about the very public cancer battle of Andrea Ross, former Just One More Book podcaster. As fixtures in the podcasting community, she and her husband, Mark, decided to share their experience with cancer by blogging regularly. We Can Rebuild Her was an honest look into the process of fighting cancer and how it impacts absolutely every aspect of a family's life. The blog also serves as a forum to raise funds for the CIBC Run for the Cure which Andrea has completed several times now.

You might also remember my story about Drew Olanoff (@thatDrew) who turned to Twitter to have people blame his cancer for anything that went wrong in their lives; in return $1 would be donated to fight cancer for each person who tweeted. With the hashtag #blameDrewsCancer, Drew turned his bad experience into a cathartic movement and generated $1 Million for cancer research. One million people rallied around Drew and his cause.

Now it's time to help another tweep. This time it's blogger Johnny T (aka @TheDaddyYoDude) who needs support. He's got metastatic testicular cancer, with tumours in his groin, abdomen, lungs and brain. As he puts it:
My name is John Taylor, and I am in the fight for my life. I am 29 years old, residing in the mountains of southwest Virginia. I am a husband, a stay-at-home-dad, a former blogger and brand advocate, aspiring writer, lover of music, and retainer of useless knowledge.

I also have effin cancer. I have opened up this tumbling blog thing to serve as my online journal for the road that lies ahead of myself and my family. From surgery, to radiation treatment, through God knows how much chemo.
In addition to support, John needs donations. He currently doesn't have medical insurance, though he has applied for government assistance. Meantime, he and his family need to pay for medicine and other treatment-related expenses out of pocket.

You can help by sending him support via thoughts, tweets, comments or donations. His progress is being tracked by his family on a CaringBridge blog. He has a donation site set up via GiveForward which he has aptly named Live Fight Win.

It's time to circle those wagons and protect one of our own. Who's with me?

(Source: Canadian Dad)

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