Epic Win: Star Wars Theme Soothes Baby's Crying

If you're a parent, you know that there is always one thing. One thing that always works. It can calm the tempestuous cries of an infant within a mere instant. Most parents I've ever talked to have one. The problem is all the trial-and-error required to figure out what it is, and the teeny tiny thread of sanity between listening to it just. one. more. time. or having the baby continue to cry.

For us, it was a Diane White song. [Aside: If you've never heard of her, head on over to her website and take a listen to some of the tracks. She's got one of the smoothest jazz voices ever. Our winning song was Gravy Waltz.] We listened to it endlessly. And I sang it until it was the only thing that would play in my head on sleepless nights. It became so Pavlovian that the Dude would instantly stop crying when he heard the first two notes. I loved the song; it was a complete gift. Hubby on the other hand got sick of hearing it when we had to play it on repeat for an hour on one particularly screamy drive into Quebec City. Poor hubby. It ruined the song for him.

Now had we been smart, we would have done what these parents did. Used a song that no one can ever get tired of: the Star Wars theme! And it works in the same fashion as the Gravy Waltz did for us: just a couple of notes and instant respite from the cries. See it in action below.

Another awesome geeky parenting win.

(Source: NerdApproved)

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