Friday Fun: Dad Uses Hand-drawn Comics to Convince Daughter To Eat Lunch

As parents, we'll do just about anything to get our kids to eat. Or so, I'm told. You see, the Dude likes food and always has. We have rarely ever had to fight with him to eat dinner. In fact, if he won't eat then it's a sure sign that he's sick. It's quite a handy little trick.

But our friends have kids who won't eat. In fact, even at 6, 7, or 9, they can barely get dinner into their kids without some sort of fight. So I feel for Lars Gronholt of Australia, whose daughter rarely ever ate the contents of her school lunch. A stroke of brilliance led him to slip homemade comics into her lunch, in an attempt to tap into her love of the Avengers film as an incentive to eat.

Lucky for us, Lars posted all of his artwork on his Flickr account so we could partake in his experiment. He's been at it since mid-August and is posting a new one every day. According to the Flickr comments, it worked like a charm. She has eaten her lunch every day. Wouldn't you?

Check out just a couple samples below and then head over to his Flickr to see all the latest ones.

I'm such a nerd, this first one is my absolute favourite:

Batman repeats I'm Batman
I'm Batman

Nick Fury swears
Nick Fury

Gangnam Style lunch


Here's to Lars and his geeky creative parenting.

(Source: That's Nerdalicious)

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