Giant LEGO Wall Stickers Are Just. Too. Fun.

I'm not sure if it's the back to school timing, but I'm finding a number of cute, geeky kid-cessories these days. And it's making me wonder: is it just me or is kid stuff way more fun than when we were little?

Consider these fantastic Lego minifig wall stickers. The Dude is too old these (that reminds me, we need to put up his extreme sport silhouette wall stickers soon) but I wish they'd been available when he was younger. I love the colours and the different characters. They're just as cute as the real thing. And really, what Lego-obsessed mom kid wouldn't want these on their wall?

Now that I think of it, they might be perfect for the playroom. What's another half dozen minifigs, among the almost 10,000 pieces already in there?

Unfortunately, it looks like they are sold out over at Firebox buuuutt Etsy comes to the rescue with a number of equally fun decals. Here are a few of my favourites:

Lego Engineer (I kind of wish it said, "Lego Engineer At Work")
Lego Engineer wall sticker

Keep Calm and Build On (Yesssss!)
Keep Calm and Build On wall sticker

Lego Cops and Robbers Set
Lego Cops and Robbers wall sticker

Stormtrooper and child
Lego Stormtrooper Dad wall sticker

And of course, Lego Darth minifig
Lego Darth Vader minifig wall sticker

And possibly my favourite, since it would extend into the angsty teenage years: I hope you step on a Lego
I hope you step on a Lego wall sticker

Yeah, it's official. Kid stuff is waaaay kewler now. Isn't it great we can use our kids as excuses to buy these live vicariously through our children? ;)

(Source: Nerd Approved and Etsy)

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