Google Turns 14 and Gives Us Underwater Street View

In case you haven't visited the Goog yet today, you might not have noticed the birthday cake they gave themselves in today's Doodle. Our little Google is turning 14 today. Which means that Google, my marriage and my career are all the same age. Boy have we all accomplished a lot together!

If you're interested in seeing where they came from, they've got a great timeline in their corporate site listing key dates in the Google corporate history. Some of my faves:
  • Sep 1998 - Google sets up workspace in Susan Wojcicki’s garage at 232 Santa Margarita, Menlo Park.
  • Apr 1999 - Yoshka, our first “company” dog, comes to work with our senior vice president of operations, Urs Hoelzle.
  • Apr 2001 - Swedish Chef becomes a language preference.
  • Feb 2002 - Klingon becomes one of 72 language interfaces.
  • Apr 2004 - For April Fools’ we announce plans to open the Googlunaplex, a new research facility on the Moon.
  • Feb 2005 - Google Maps goes live. < Probably still worked better than Apple Maps today ;)
  • Oct 2008 - Googlers in Mountain View build a zip line to travel across the small Permanente Creek separating a few of our buildings. (which I wrote about)
You can check out the whole list for more.

Today is also significant because Google launched a really funky new Street Map feature called Ocean. Yup, the took their self-driving car into the water and... no, they sent humans with cameras who captured some incredible images and spliced them all together for our viewing pleasure. The locations include Heron Island, Molokini Crater, Lady Elliot Island, Hanauma Bay, Apo Islands and Wilson Island. And of course the images are stunning. The best part is that you can pan and scroll the images, just like in regular Street View, and then get incredibly depressed that you are stuck at your office while all this gorgeousness is out there, waiting for you. Le sigh.

Check out one of the views of Lady Elliot Island below or head on over to Ocean to explore the others. I'll be over here daydreaming of beaches and coral...

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