Pro Tip: Chrome Update Lets You Choose Google Drive as Your Printer

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So earlier this summer Google released a Chrome update and at the time I just downloaded without getting into too much detail about the changes. So, I overlooked one very important feature. I stumbled onto it by accident and was incredibly excited when I realized what it could do. In fact, it's such a useful feature that I thought I would share it with you, in case you hadn't come across it yourself.

If you're working in Chrome, Google Drive shows up as one of your printer options.

No copying, no pasting, just Print > Google Drive > OK.
(Or Right-click > Print > Google Drive > OK. Done.)
(Or CTRL+P > Google Drive > OK. Done.)
You get the picture.

I know, RIGHT?!

Despite my undying love for Evernote, I do find it useful to store docs in Google Drive, especially if I want to share them for editing with other people. Evernote lets you share files for viewing with non-members or for editing with other Evernote members, but I find that generally more people have Google accounts so it's just more convenient to share Google docs with them.

There are a couple of other ways you can save web pages and files to Google Drive as well:
  • upload via Google Drive directly (works best for files you have saved locally)

    Pro tip: If you're uploading from within Drive, make sure you check your settings so that you don't accidentally convert your files to Google Docs if you want to keep them in their original format (PPT, PDF, GIF, XLS, etc)

  • install the Google Drive app (which gives you the ability to sync certain files for offline viewing)
  • install one of the many, many Google Drive related extensions from the Chrome store, including one to save Gmail Attachments directly to Drive
Now before you say, "This is great but I can't install anything on my work computer" let me just remind you that you don't need admin rights to install Google Chrome. Not that I would ever endorse you going against your IT policy to download what just might be the most useful browser out there. Nope, not me. Nothing to see here.

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