The ONLY Lunchbox for the Zombie Apocalypse

Face it.
You owe it to your kid.
You have to get them this lunchbox.
Because it qualifies as an EPIC lunchbox.
The perfect combination of adorkable and nerdtastic.
It boasts just enough of a gross factor to annoy the teachers, but not so much that it will be sent home for being inappropriate. (well... that might be subject to interpretation :)
But it will automagically augment their level of kewl to astronomical proportions.
And your kid will be ever known as having "the kewlest lunchbox in the school yard." Hands down.

On second hand.
Screw the kid.
This is YOUR lunchbox. :)

Zombie lunchbox
Credit: ThinkGeek

Naturally, it's available on ThinkGeek.

(Source: That's Nerdalicious)

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