The Story of Stuff: A Vote Against the Consumption Economy?

Annie Leonard and the folks behind The Story of Stuff and other great videos (like the Cosmetics version I posted previously) are back with a new video entitled: The Story of Change. Instead of exploring over-consumption, it looks at why we are saddled with so. much. stuff. in the first place (and why there always seems to be more of it). Ms. Leonard says she studied the issue in books and elsewhere and...
I thought they might have the answers, but their tips all start here – with buying better stuff – and they all end here – with recycling all that stuff when I’m done with it.
The incentive to change was put on the consumer, not the producer. The Story of... folks are essentially arguing that reducing consumption would be easier if it wasn't so convenient to be wasteful; that, faced with more scarcity, people would value items more. The blame is placed on the government, laws and corporations that support the disposable consumer economy, as much as it is on the consumers who are tempted by the convenience of replacement over reuse.

This version of "The Story of..." is essentially a call to arms. Banking on the current election climate in the US, the idea is to get citizens to use their votes to demand change in the laws and profit-driven economy that systemically promotes profit over people. Smart timing, this one. The question is: will it make a difference? Will it influence the way people interact with the candidates, and ultimately how they vote?

I guess the big question is: which party, which candidate is considered pro-consumer and anti-waste...?

(Source: @DoTheGreenThing)

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