Best Use of IFTTT: CDC Zombie Outbreak Alerts

If This Then That is a site that enables you to make a connection between 2 seemingly unrelated activities, to your benefit. Each interaction you create is called a "recipe" and most of them take the form of (duh) "if this, then that". For example, you can watch a particular page on a website and request to receive an email when it gets updated. Or you can automatically have it save photos that you upload to a particular service or social media site archived elsewhere. Basically, you pick the trigger and then the result, and the site makes sure it happens over and over again.

Some smarty pants IFTTT user named Eric Bock created a recipe to enable users to receive a text in the event that the US Centre for Disease Control issues a Zombie Outbreak.

[Aside: In case you missed it, the CDC ran a great viral campaign about Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness a couple of years ago. It's completely hilarious and did wonders for spreading their emergency-preparedness message with a tongue-in-cheek story. Brilliant.]

So this alert will SMS you in the event that there is a zombie apocalypse upon us. Well, actually upon the usA. But we can imagine that it will hit Canada pretty quickly, so it might be smart to sign up for it just in case. It's Hallowe'en and you never know what can happen so I've signed up for it, will you? ;)

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