Bleep! Bloop! Toddler R2D2 Costume is Completely Geekdorable

Star Wars costumes are so cute on really small kids. There's nothing like the bobble head effect of a Darth Vader costume on a tiny person, with a long stream of cape dragging on the ground. I just want to eat up all the little Jedis and Leias running around the neighbourhood on Halloween night.

But then there's this. Possibly the most adorkable kids' costume yet! A teeny tiny toddler R2D2 onesie and cap to turn your little person into the cutest little robot in the resistance.

Of course, it's not ideal for outdoor trick or treating without a couple of additional layers but with some pants and a shirt underneath... maybe. But you have to promise me that if you DO put your kiddo in this, you'll teach them to say, "Bleep! Bloop! Blorp!" instead of trick-or-treat. Cause, c'mon, that would be completely awesome. LOL

Naturally, this is available on Etsy (where else?).

Toddler R2D2 costume
Credit: Etsy

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