Creepy Tech Alert: Dissolving Computers To Fix Your Insides

So I was on ReadWriteWeb the other morning (before my first cup of coffee) and I came across this article about dissolving computers.

The researchers at Tufts put out a press release that states:
Tiny, fully biocompatible electronic devices that are able to dissolve harmlessly into their surroundings after functioning for a precise amount of time have been created by a research team led by biomedical engineers at Tufts University in collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Computers we would ingest to address some particular ailment or internal problem, which they would fix and then magically dissolve when they are no longer needed. Computers made of silk-silicon that dissolve. Inside you.

Oh, hell no.

Now maybe it's that lack of coffee when I first read this, or maybe it's that I've just been watching too much H+ Digital (incidentally, a web series about all of us having computers implanted inside of us which get a virus - go watch it NOW). Maybe I've been listening to waaaaay too many episodes of The No Agenda Show. Maybe I just love conspiracy theories way too much but all I could think was: dissolve? Says who? Where's the proof? Who's to say if it doesn't dissolve and if we're not suddenly all implanted with... well, anything: GPS units, surveillance technology, nanobots that haven't been properly tested on humans and are found to cause cancer or space madness?!


Seriously, though. I know that one day all of these technological innovations won't be innovations anymore; they will be as mainstream and populous as Tim Horton's coffee shops in Canada. But I challenge you to really consider whether you are OK with this, at this time. Would you honestly consider being implanted with something just because they tell you it will dissolve? Is that even a selling feature? Would you buy a TV knowing that it would only last for the SuperBowl and then slowly disintegrate, to be thrown out with your compost? It all seems a little Mission Impossible: "this message will self destruct".

Would you ingest a magical nanobot to cure your pneumonia/ torn ligament/ kidney stones? I sincerely believe that tech is kewl: Je suis un fan. But when they start messing with our bodies (other than making amputees bionic limbs - that stuff is awesome), I get all creeped out.

What about you? Tell me what you think (or even go ahead and tell me I'm insane. I can take it.)

And because it is incredible relevant, I offer you Ren & Stimpy: Space Madness

(Source: ReadWriteWeb)

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