Fab Ottawa UX Geek Girls: An Ada Lovelace Day Tribute

Ada Lovelace (Credit: FindingAda.com)
A couple of days ago, on October 16th, it was Ada Lovelace Day aka the day of tribute for geek girls. To honour Ada, bloggers are invited to write a post about their favourite geek girl and post it on that day.

Now if you go back to my post of that date, you will find a geeky science post but not one about a femme geek. See, last weekend, I was just a bit busy co-chairing UXCamp Ottawa III (are you sick of me mentioning that yet? Well, it's your UNlucky day because I'm gonna get all UX femme geek on you!). And being surrounded by all that geeky goodness, I thought I would dedicate my (belated) Ada Lovelace post to some of the amazing women User Experience geeks I am blessed to know and work alongside.

In my current job, my work focuses on web policies (such as analytics and user experience) and social media. I don't get to do UX on a day-to-day basis, but I love to study it and it is essentially my hobby. Planning and being part of UXCamp every year is a way to keep that passion alive, even if I can't keep my hands dirty in it day-in, day-out. Thankfully, I am also able to participate (when time permits) in cross-functional working groups; teams of volunteers who work on accessibility, usability, design, content management and web development for various organization-wide projects.

Between those two outlets, I have met and learned from some of the most wonderful, generous and brilliant people. And uncovered an incredible community of geek girls: women who I consider friends and mentors. Women I look up to and learn from. Women who, every single time they get together, can't help but geek out and talk shop because it's their absolute passion. These are the women I consider myself lucky to know, to work with and to learn from.

Here's a list of those fabulous UX geek girls' Twitter handles. If you want to follow some brilliant women in user experience, this is a gold mine, right here: (in no particular order)

UXCamp Ottawa organizing/ volunteer crew,

Amazing members of the Ottawa UX community,

And of course our only two (albeit powerhouse) femme UXCamp speakers, (forgive me, they're not Ottawa-based but they are too amazing not to include in this list)

Give them a follow and be sure to say, Hi! Not only are they brilliant, but they're pretty nice too :)

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