Mind Blown: NASA Video Of The Sun Uses Filters To Highlight Its Power

I came across this video yesterday posted by NASA which uses some pretty standard video editing techniques with phenomenal results.

The NASA geeks applied some gradient filters to a video of the sun to highlight contrast and activity between some of the more active portions and the less active ones. This would give them a clearer picture of the points of interest, to study them more clearly while the other surfaces would fade somewhat into the background.

The resulting video is visually stunning: the active spots are vivid red, yellow and orange while the less active ones are black. It essentially transforms the sun into a ball of lava, with eruptions springing up suddenly here and there. The contrast is breathtaking — and I'm not just saying that. I was watching this on the bus with my mouth dropped open, especially when I hit a sequence after 1:15 when eruptions started.

It's amazing to me that this beautiful active sphere is heating our planet every day. Watching this, I could almost feel the heat coming off the screen.


(Source: Gizmodo)

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