Pixel Oven Mitts Let You Serve Dinner in 32-Bit

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to you and yours!

In the spirit of the holiday and all the turkey-eating going on, I thought I would share with you one of the geekiest kitchen accessories I have ever come across: pixel oven mitts.

I completely adore these, from the simple design to the contrasting colours. They just make me happy in the nerdiest possible way.

To be honest, they completely remind me of Minecraft. Of course, that could be because The Dude is completely enamoured with it to the point of actually dressing up like the main character, Steve, for Hallowe'en.

How much fun would it be to serve a completely cube-inspired meal with pixel-styled place settings, from the napkins to the square dishes. And dinner would of course all be cut into little bite-sized squares. Maybe you could freeze your drinks into ice cubes... Ok, this is getting out of hand. I can only imagine the work involved (and your guests might not exactly appreciate the frozen cube-drinks). But even if you don't go for gold making everything square, at least you can bring a little geek into the kitchen with these mitts. (Note: you can get them on Amazon)

Source: Neatorama
Happy gobble gobble.
(Source: Neatorama)

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