spydergrrl on Inside PR Podcast Discussing Social Media for Non-Profits

Earlier this summer I presented at Social Capital Conference on Social Media for Non-Profits. My presentation was a comprehensive end-to-end approach to using social media for non-profit efforts: from getting started to campaign management to measurement and making improvements.

My presentation was at the same time as another popular social media consultant from Ottawa, so there were only a couple dozen people in the room. Thankfully, they were keen and I got some great feedback from the content, so I posted the full presentation and my speaking notes here on the blog (see link below). They are still available with Creative Commons attribution, so that anyone can have them and adapt them to suit their needs.

In the audience, to my absolute pleasure (and contributing to my nerves ;), were Martin Waxman of MW Communications and Joe Thornley of Thornley Fallis. You might know them from the Inside PR podcast with Gini Dietrich. And did I mention that Martin was the day's Keynote Speaker? Nothing like presenting to some pros (gulp!). Joe and Martin turned out to be very supportive and Joe even suggested that I modify my presentation title to include, "Doing it with purpose". The idea being to convey that using social media for non-profit can be strategic (and I like to think it also conveys that people tend to be pretty passionate about their non-profit work, so two birds with one stone).

Following my presentation, Martin asked if he could interview me for Inside PR and asked me to give a synopsis of the 5 key points to my presentation. The podcast went up recently and includes a 10 minute segment at the beginning in which I summarize my 90 minute presentation. If you're interested in taking a listen, the link is below. If you want to download the approach to use for your own non-profit or pro bono work, I've also provided the link below.

Thanks to Martin for the opportunity to share my work. Whether you work in non-profit, do volunteer work or just want some ideas about using social media for your corporate comms, I hope you'll find something in there that you can use.


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