Star Wars Bowls Are Perfect for a Geeky Hallowe'en

In this house, Hallowe'en is the most wonderful time of the year. As I have previously mentioned, we like to go all out for the Dude's costumes from Grave Digger to Clark Kent to Adam Savage to The Last Airbender to zombies. We start planning costumes months in advance and love coming with stuff you can't find in stores. To date, the most radical thing we've done is apply a tattoo stencil (produced in an actual tattoo shop) on the Dude's hands and forehead. Yeah, we're a bit hardcore.

In addition, hubby produces some pretty epic pumpkins. And he has been known to sit outside dressed up, with a bowl and "Take One" sign in his lap, freaking out neighbourhood kids who try to take too much from "the ghoul". Again, hardcore.

Despite all that commitment, we just cannot bring ourselves to decorate the house for such a short period of time. But these could change all that.

These Star Wars character bowls are just the cutest darn Hallowe'en accessories ever! (Even Darth Maul with his adorable attempt at being evil ;) My favourite is definitely Boba Fett. He just kinda looks like an adorable little bobblehead. Granted, I'm not sure I could put him away after Hallowe'en. I wonder if he could hold apples too...

Boba Fett

Darth Vader


Darth Maul

Which would you choose?

(Credit - and available at - Entertainment Earth)

(Source: That's Nerdalicious!)

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