The Prof You Always Wish You'd Had Explains The Universe in a Nutshell (video)

Hubby came across this video on YouTube the other day. Prof. Michio Kaku (@michiokaku) explains the 4 forces of nature and well, as the title says, The Universe In a Nutshell.

He's engaging, fun and, most importantly, makes the content English so that real human people can understand it. And not English like Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time of which I could only ever understand every other word. No, this is real English for real people. If all science teachers were like this, no one would do fine arts.

My favourite line: "I built my own particle accelerator in high school." Seriously.

It's over 40 minutes long, but just think about how smart you're going to be when you're done! (Honestly, it's worth every single minute. But if you insist on something a bit shorter, go check out the Big Think YouTube channel where he (and other great scientists) posted some shorter videos that might be more your thing.)


(Source: Hubby)

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