Un-Kewl Design Alert: Don't You Dare Buy These Talking Gloves

Credit: Hi-Fun
No. Just no.

Oh, sure. These might just look like benign gloves. Maybe they match your winter coat. Aw, that's nice. But don't be fooled by what evil lurks beneath the surface. These are phone gloves. Not your trendy I-can-use-my-phone-in-the-cold-without-removing-them gloves. No, gloves with tech built in to let you place calls via your gloves.

Try this with me: make a fist. Extend your thumb and pinky. Hold them up to your ear and mouth and talk.
Got it? Ok, now imagine that you just took a call by doing that while wearing gloves. Like this:

Credit: Hi-Fun
Now, let's be honest. It's one thing to pretend to be on the phone. It's another to use your thumb and pinky to mimic being on the phone. But it's a whole other thing to use gloves that require you to use the thumb and pinky to talk on the phone.

I reiterate. No. Just No.

If you really want gloves to use with your tech, go find some electro-static gloves so that you can work your smart phone in the deep cold.

Seriously. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Don't even think about it.

(Source: Cool Sh*t You Can Buy)

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