Friday Fun: John Lewis Does It Again With Another Great Xmas Ad

You might have seen the most adorable Christmas ad last year from the UK store, John Lewis. Well, they are back at it with another adorable (and viral) video.

Last year's ad featured a kid who just couldn't wait for Christmas. He spent what seemed like weeks slowly idling away the hours until the big day. He barely scarfed down his dinner on Christmas Eve before sprinting to his room and jumping into bed, hoping Christmas would get there faster. And in the end, the reason for his excitement turned out to be completely unexpected. It's the lesson every parent hopes their child will get about Christmas and the holidays. I still get chills just thinking about it.

Now this year's ad is also fantastic. I have to admit that this year's didn't tug as hard on the heart strings in comparison but it is still awesome in its own right. There are lovebird snowpeople and one's epic quest to take care of the other. I truly loved the facial expressions, especially in the scene with the snowball fight. He looks downright mortified that people are throwing snow at each other! The creative is really exceptional.

The ad has been up for about a week and has a pretty large number of views. It's probably one of the few mentions of Christmas I am willing to accept right now. Yes, there are 39 days till Christmas, and yes I have started both my shopping and planning for my Countdown to Geekmas on the blog, but I still get a little shocked when I hear Christmas music in the stores. If you're the same, don't be deterred  you should still take a look at these ads. They really are worth it.

Video 1: 2012 John Lewis Ad - Snowmen

Video 2: 2011 John Lewis Ad - Excitement

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