Movember Progress Report: My Team, Noble Grenoble

[Update: As of November 30th, end of day, my final tally is $1,002. Thanks to all of my family, friends, colleagues, Tweeps and Facebookers who contributed to my campaign!!]
[Update 2: Thanks to a late donation from my Dad, the total is now $1,027. w00t!]

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There are some of you out there who have been lamenting the very existence of Movember. All the bad facial hair, from teenaged-equivalent growth to full-on pr0n staches. I don't at all agree with you: I love me some MOs. In fact, hubby has been sporting his most excellent handlebar MO since last November, refusing to shave it for Movember this year due to his client-facing job. So, I took it upon myself to do the fundraising this year.

(Granted, as you probably know by now, this isn't my first kick at the Movember can, having been involved with the Ottawa social media campaign for a couple of years.)

I've heard no end of "Are YOU growing a moustache!?" jokes for the last 30 days, thank you very much. To which I responded, "No, I am growing support for men's health." With two males in my household, protecting the other half of the species is very important to me. And I think that it's been a success to date. But it's not over yet...

Status update

Here's how the campaign has fared for me and my team Noble grenoble:
  • My current total: $842
  • Noble Grenoble team total: $2,270
  • Team rank: Ranked #2625 out of 23268 teams in Canada
  • Government of Canada network: I am 5th out of 217 participants, Team ranked 8th out of 21
My original goal was $500, but with so many incredible generous donations, including two of $200 apiece, I hit that goal before mid-month. Since then, I reset my goal to $1,000. I thought it was easily in reach but it looks like I will be $158 short if I can't get some donations in today.

If you haven't donated yet, please consider supporting me by donating on my MoSista page.

A sincere thanks and shoutout to all of you who have given to me, to my team and to Movember. I am incredibly thankful for your support.

And a special shoutout to my team: Marc, Blaise, Maxime, Larry, Philippe, Chris, Rae-Ann and Arianne.

MO on, friends.

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