My Vote for Best Use of Touchscreens in 2012: Anatomage Virtual Autopsy Teaching Table

Mind. Blown.

This is absolutely the single kewlest use of touchscreens I have since this year. Seriously.

This video is a demo from RSNA 2012, a conference by the Radiological Society of North America. A company called Anatomage demoed their Autopsy Table, a virtual dissection table for use in teaching facilities.

The table is designed using touchscreens and custom software to extend cadaver training so far beyond traditional lab learning: it adds an additional layer of complexity and visualization that would not be possible at a physical examination table with a real cadaver. I mean just starting with the idea of pinch and zoom you're already ahead of the game, but then they show that it can do so much more.

Here's how the video broke down for me:
  • First holy cr@p moment at 0:33 when he turns the cadavar on his side. 0_o Wow, the detail!
  • Second holy cr@p moment at 1:24 when he shows how to use custom scans. Imagine the flexibility that feature introduces for teaching facilities, to customize their training for their students and highlight specific types of medical cases.
  • Third holy cr@p moment was at 2:35 when he showed where the scan slice is in relation to the entire figure. The purpose of this feature is to teach students how to read scans. I mean, really is there any other way that could be better represented? The visual-spatial representation makes so much sense when you see it laid out that way.
I love when tech is used for good. And this is definitely very good.

Check it out in action:

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