New Blog Section "Little Geeks" Showcases Kids, Science & Tech

Credit: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Hubby and I love science, tech, Star Wars and Lego. And of course, by default, the Dude loves science, tech, Star Wars and Lego.

We're incredibly aware that it is our responsibility to foster his continued love of these subjects. (Even the Star Wars and the Lego ;) And as a result, we constantly look for opportunities to incorporate science education in everyday life.

Last year, he started losing interest in school. It turned out that he just didn't enjoy what they were learning in class. When we asked him to explain, he said that they'd done "all the fun math in the first half of the year" and that the class "doesn't do science anymore". Disengagement is a big risk, especially considering that schools just don't seem tailored to the ways boys learn (i.e. hands-on, real-world engagement vs. the lesson-practice cycle).

We've been actively helping him learn to learn, teaching him how to study, taking an active role in his education. We're keenly aware that we only have one chance to screw this up or get it right, and we take it very seriously.

That's one of the reasons why you might have noticed a lot of kid-related content on the blog. I'm so encouraged when I come across a story about an amazing kid who designs, builds or does something out of the ordinary. Or when I find a project, teacher or parent that focuses their efforts on bringing science and tech closer to home.

I've managed to collect enough of these over the past few years to create a dedicated section, called "Little Geeks". In there you'll find stories about amazing kids, creative learning opportunities and kid-friendly apps that will help bring science and tech closer to home. I welcome you to sift through the content and see if there's something in there that can help you, as a parent or teacher, make science more relevant. The section will continue to grow as I plan to continue posting kid-related content along with the other geeky goodness; so I hope you check in often.

Because it's our job to keep them engaged. And it's a job I take very seriously.


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