Supersonic Speed: The Science of Sonic the Hedgehog

Credit: Wikimedia
I have a day off today so this post is late. There I said it.

However, just because I am not working doesn't mean I'm not geeking out on science and tech. No, it means I am geeking out MORE on science and tech. Which is how I came across this great little video which combines physics and video games. WIN!

In this episode of VSauce, they decide to explore the topic of supersonic speed by using Sonic the Hedgehog as a case study. I'm dying to pick up the Dude at school so I can show this to him. I love these types of mashups because it just makes science seem a bit more relevant to his kid brain.

Our host, Joey, explores such questions as:
  • How fast can Sonic run?
  • How would his body handle breaking the sound barrier?
  • Would you hear him talking at Mach 1?
  • Is Sonic affected by drag?
  • How hot would Sonic get running at Mach 1?
  • How much energy does Sonic use to run?
How much fun is that?!

I've said it before, honestly, I think kids would have a much easier time with science in school if more teachers just spent a few minutes to search the web and find these types of videos. Between VSauce, Minute Physics, Mythbusters and TED-Ed, class time could be so incredible. Kudos to those of you who do :)

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