The Best Job in Canada: Lego is Hiring a Master Model Builder

Lego brand logo
Here's a question for you:
What if you could go to Toronto for 2 days, play with Lego, demonstrate your building prowess and at the end of it, get offered a full-time job as a Lego builder? Would you do it?
If you said, Yes, then you better head over to the Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto Facebook page (before this Friday, November 16) and apply for their talent search.

Billed as "the metropolitan area’s most unique and fun job interview," and running Nov. 24-25, the event is a 2-day X-Factor-style Lego competition. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to have access to MILLIONS (that's what they said!) of Lego bricks all weekend long to complete timed challenges.

MILLIONS. (*hyperventilates*)

And up for grabs is a full-time position as Master Model Builder when Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto opens next Spring. The job description: building Lego, helping parents and kids build Lego, and... um, yeah. That's about it.

Wonder how it pays? Honestly, who cares?




Here's a great video of the Brick Factor competition in Kansas. Love the creations, especially the winner's model. This competition looks like it would be fun even if you were just a spectator! Hmm. Road trip to Toronto?

(Source: @glenGower)

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