The Queen Can View the Jubilee Time Capsule on Android. But YOU Have to Use Apple.

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If you're an Apple fanboy, obsessed with the cachet of your favourite fruit-branded gadgets, then this story may leave you highly amused. If you're an Android fanboy, obsessed with the huge marketshare of your favourite brand, then this story might impress you and then amuse you. Either way, everyone will be amused.

You might have heard by now that the UK government has compiled a collection of memories that spans the Queen's entire reign, consisting of videos, photos and text submitted from 37,000 citizens. The project, called the Diamond (re)Collection or Jubilee Time Capsule, amassed 150GB of data:
37,165 people from 66 countries around the world have contributed to over 22,000 days from the last 60 years.
The content was parsed down to half its size by a panel, and presented to the Queen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 so that she can conveniently browse through the collection.

Yup, the Queen uses Android.

Which is funny, because if you visit the official website, you will notice in the bottom left-hand corner a link to view the collection... on your iPad.

Yep, a link to an iOS app and NO ANDROID APP TO BE FOUND.

Considering how closely the committee apparently worked with Samsung to produce the Queen's version of the time capsule, you'd think someone would have ensured that there was an agreement to make it available to the general public on Android! For Samsung's own devices?! But no, the site boasts "Explore the JTC on your iPad".

What's the British equivalent of "Doh"?

(Source: Engadget)

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