Trees Are Amazing. And the Reason Will Amaze You.

So I came across this Minute Physics video which talks about how amazing trees are.
And you know what?
You, my friend, have NO idea how amazing how trees are.
(Unless you are a botanist, in which case you probably do know how amazing trees are, so thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.)

This video asks the question: how do trees absorb water when they are so ridiculously tall? And you know what? As with most science, the explanation is surprising and unexpected.

But if, you know, it's Friday and you can't spare the 5 minutes to watch this, then let me tell you that the big mind blowing finale starts at 4:40.

And if you completely insist that you absolutely can't even spare a single minute to watch the conclusion, then here is the punchline. [Aside: It took me 5 minutes to watch-pause-type-watch-pause-type this so I hope you appreciate it.]
Trees create huge negative pressures of tens of atmospheres by evaporating water through nanoscale pores sucking water up a hundred metres, in a state where it should be boiling but can't because the perfect xylum tubes contain no air bubbles, just so that most of it can evaporate in the process of absorbing a few molecules of carbon dioxide.

As our host says, "I will never look at trees the same way again."

[Aside: Now if you don't understand the punchline, then you need to watch the whole thing to find out just how amazing trees really are. AMA-ZING. Seriously. Watch the video.]

There's only one thing left to day: I love science. That is all.

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