Welcome to Movember! Join the 'Stache Side, We Have Handsomes.

The first year I participated in Movember, one of my favourite moments was the day I had the opportunity to walk downtown between meetings and catch sight of dozens of dirty Mos. Dozens. And it hit me: this thing is huge in Ottawa. It made me proud to be a MoSista.

If you haven't participated or don't know what Movember is about, here's the lowdown: Movember is a movement geared at raising awareness and research funds for men's health issues (in Canada, those causes are mental health and prostate cancer). It's been propagated via social media and has grown like absolute wildfire. Last year, Canada was the top country for participation.

What's the point of the Mos?

The whole point behind shaving and then growing a dirty Mo is to foster discussion: when someone asks you why you're trying to look like a porn star or 70s cop show actor, you use it as an opportunity to explain Movember to them and either solicit a donation or enlist them as a participant.

What's new for 2012?

Want to be a MoBro or a MoSista? This year, there's an app for that.
Download the Mo App

Join the movement!

Need help growing your mo? 

Here's a little advice from Movember & Sons

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