What is Touch? According to Minute Physics, It Might Not Exist

The next time you are holding your loved one's hand, look deep into their eyes and say: "I am electromagnetically repulsed by you."

Well, on second thought, maybe you shouldn't because they might not realize that you are telling the truth, and in fact if you tell them it's the truth you could dig yourself deeper into a hole. No, on second thought, you should probably say something romantic to prevent from getting into any form of trouble.

Yeah, I think it's clear why this is a tech blog and not a relationship advice column.

Well, since it is a tech blog, let me explain in more detail why you and your loved one are repulsed by one another. Due to the laws of physics your hands are actually not touching, they are hovering near each other and their electrons are actually pushing apart from one another.

So the folks at Minute Physics ask: is touching even a thing, based on how we define it? If two items can never exist without space between them, does the word "touch" even mean anything at all? Did we just make up a word and throw it around without it even having an accurate meaning?

Heavy. Check out the video for more (Science and semantics for the win! :)

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