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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a hack-a-thon but don't, you know, HACK then you need to head to Learn Hack YOW this Saturday at City Hall.

Learn Hack YOW is going to bring together experienced hackers and n00bs who want to contribute to hacking and open data projects. The morning will consist of hands-on sessions and the afternoon will give participants an opportunity to get their hands dirty hacking solutions.

Run by Open Data Ottawa, the event promises to be a lot of fun. I mean, the ODO folks describe themselves as, "Unofficial Ottawa Open Data Ruckus Raisers" - that can only bode well for an event, right?

But I'm Not A Developer!

Exactly. As my friend @ralphmercer said yesterday (on a completely different topic, incidentally):
It takes all kinds to effectively examine a problem and come up with a solution. Still not convinced? I asked my friend Richard Akerman, one of the organizers to describe his ideal participant:
We'd like to see people who can think about and work with data in ways beyond the app - designers, analysts, visualisation experts. And also people who can volunteer to help the city better communicate about its data and the apps developed - communications experts, marketers.

"Beyond the app" basically means how can we get more out of the data to help the city make decisions, and how can we promote the use of the data to channels beyond developers.
That's the best part about hacking: the more perspectives, the better the solution. Not everyone at the table needs to be able to hack.

But I AM a Developer and this sounds a little 101...

Ah, but some people at the table need to be able to hack. Which is why they need you. Share your experience and your wizardly skillz to solve challenges proposed throughout the day. And apparently there will be a City of Ottawa Apps Contest in 2013, so this might just be a great opportunity to stay sharp and get some practice.

Find out more

Still have questions? The Open Data Ottawa folks couldn't possibly make it easier to have your questions answered. There's a Twitter account, a blog, a Facebook page, an email address, a discussion group, a discussion website. Oh and an Eventbrite page for registration.

Seriously. No excuses!

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