Bonus Post: MediaStyle is Crowdfunding IdeaSpace, A Creative Collaboration studio

The fine folks over at MediaStyle have launched an Indiegogo campaign (think Kickstarter for projects instead of products) to create a community-driven meeting space above their office. Turns out that when a previous tenant left the upper floor of their building, the vacancy sparked their imagination: since they have often hosted all sorts of cultural and business events in their own offices, why not appropriate the floor upstairs and turn it into a permanent event venue? And they thought it might be a fantastic opportunity to invite Ottawans to collaborate on its purpose, design and funding of that space.

The Indiegogo campaign is seeking to raise $12,000 to help fund the renovation. Participants can choose from a variety of funding levels and in return get on the coveted guest lists for MediaStyle events or even book the space for future functions. Why fundraise? According to the campaign page,
"We are a start up company. We need to test our crazy ideas before jump in with both feet. And, we need community buy-in to make this work. We are asking creative people in Ottawa to commit to a day, a week or a month in the space with a small downpayment in the form of an upfront investment in our crazy dream."
As a conference organizer, I know how hard it can be to find the right space for an event. When UXCamp Ottawa was a small unconference, we had trouble finding the right venue to enable the mix of talking heads and informal discussions that made up the schedule. Not to mention, audio-visual requirements, wifi, and space for lunch... all in a space that would make the group feel comfortable, not squeezed or dwarfed by their surroundings. It can be especially difficult to find a venue that balances atmosphere and the functional requirements to pull off an event. Ian's team seems to have some really great ideas about how to use the space.

Check out Ian's pitch below, and then head on over to the IdeaSpace IndieGogo page to get all the details. Still a month to go and they are about a quarter of the way there.

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